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Planning for summer camp

Summer camp season is just around the corner. Each year, millions of children depart for campsites around the country to swim, hike, craft and enjoy the companionship of friends. Summer camps in North America were first established in the 1880s and were a (read more)

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Profile: Jennifer Dessoye OTD OTR/L

Jennifer, tell us about yourself I live in Drums, with my husband, Bill Dessoye who is a physical therapist and our daughters. We met at Misericordia University (MU) in his freshman year and my sophomore year. He graduated MU in 2002 and I graduated MU in (read more)

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Autism awareness in our communities

Spring is here and children are out and about in Northeast Pennsylvania’s wonderful, diverse communities. Parents take their children to the parks and on bicycle rides and during the school day, recess can finally be outdoors. However, for children on the (read more)

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Promote good sleep habits

School-aged children are busier than ever before, and some may be sacrificing sleep to accommodate their lifestyles. The National Sleep Foundation says school-aged children need between nine and 11 hours of sleep each night to function at a healthy level. (read more)

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Kids on the run: Exercise is great for mind and body

No matter how old they are, it’s good to get kids moving and to find an exercise routine tailored to their interest, skills and age, say experts, who note physical exercise is good for both the mind and the body. “You tailor their activities to their age (read more)

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April 22 is Earth Day: Tips to reduce your carbon footprint

How much do you care about the planet you live on? Enough to go slightly outside your comfort zone to try to save it? Just a few small life choices will send you on your way to being a better human and make your world a better place to live. Barbara Giova (read more)

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Focusing on the essential: Simplify your life

You can simplify your life in six easy steps says Cena Block, owner of Sane Spaces in Milford. Block coaches mom entrepreneurs to help them organize their time and make more money. No. 1: Create your schedule and respect your boundaries. “Work during work (read more)

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Armed Forces Day: Celebrating our service members

On May 20, the federal holiday Armed Forces Day, is a time to honor those who have served our country and made it possible to enjoy living in a free nation. Armed Forces Day is observed annually on the third Saturday of May as a day dedicated to paying tr (read more)

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Everyone's Irish on parade day

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s parade day in Scranton. This year’s parade is scheduled for Saturday, March 11 and with more than 12,000 participants, including multiple bagpipes, high school and string bands, floats and large balloons, as well as many (read more)

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Dental care for kids

Parents of young children know that getting kids to brush their teeth can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Kids have a long history of disliking dental care, which can frustrate parents who know the importance and long-lasting benefits of proper dental (read more)

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All about mouth hygiene while wearing braces

Braces are often necessary for children and adults to develop straight, healthy teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, braces help fix teeth that are crooked, too close together and too far apart. Braces also can be employed to add (read more)

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Passing on your values to your children

Parents pass on a number of physical traits to their children — hair and eye color, height, skin tone — the list goes on and on. However, it’s passing along your values to your children that needs to be worked on. “Especially in a two parent household, yo (read more)

A lesson for the weary

Baby’s crying. “I am so tired, and I have work tomorrow — I’ll just bring her into my bed.” “Aww, he doesn’t feel well, I’ll let him sleep with us tonight.” Sleep issues often feel complicated to American parents with varying lifestyles. It’s more cuddly (read more)

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Hearts of Kindness

In the small town of Forest City, there are a group of people making life a lot better for those around them. They do it quietly, namelessly and without any publicity. Christ Episcopal Church members, beginning six years ago, distributed food to people in (read more)

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'Seize the Daylight'

Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday, March 12, when our clocks spring ahead an hour, giving us an extra hour of daylight. At the end of the day, we’ll be glad to see the sun still shining. The saved hour of daylight will stay with us until Sunday, (read more)

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Meet Ed Frable and family

Ed Frable Jr., 28, is the owner of Ed Frable Construction LLC, based in Clarks Summit. His other enterprise, Advanced Choice Home Inspection will launch early in 2017. Ed, tell us about yourself. I live in Clarks Summit with my wife Ashli and daughter, Ni (read more)

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Making cookies is a time-honored tradition

One of the strongest holiday tradition is making cookies. Whether you grew up in your mom’s or grandma’s kitchen, or you and your spouse have begun the tradition yourselves, it has become a loved and treasured part of the holiday since the early 1800s. Gi (read more)

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Holidays past hold cherished memories

As we get older we forget some of the events in our past. However, there are some memories that leave an indelible mark on our minds that we cherish forever. Christmas time holds those memories for many. Rising early Christmas morning and sneaking down to (read more)

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Why do people make resolutions if they break them?

Lose weight. Get in shape. Be on time. Eat better. Quit smoking. Read more. Watch less television. The list goes on and on. What are you changing for 2017? In 1989, a study by Dr. John Norcross of the University of Scranton (it’s been widely published and (read more)

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Halloween Safety

Halloween is an exciting time of year for families. Straddling the line between celebration and superstition, the season is rife with scary myths and creepy costumes. Halloween is a perfect time for parents to prepare their little witches, ghosts and gobl (read more)

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Autumn in the Pocono Mountains

The warm days and cool nights of autumn, combined with apple cider, mulling spices and the season’s ever-changing palette are a perfect time to get outside before the colder weather forces us inside. “This is the best time of year to see Mother Nature at (read more)

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The History of Halloween

Pumpkins have become synonymous with the Halloween holiday. The orange fruit harvested in October is not only decorative, but also features flowers, seeds and flesh that are edible and rich in vitamins. Pumpkin is used to make soups, desserts and breads, (read more)

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Use dinnertime to check in with the children

Whether it’s pasta night, pot roast or a dinner as simple as pizza with half pepperoni, families should be sitting down, as much as possible, for a daily meal with the family. “With multi-tasking, flying from one event to the other, working, activities an (read more)

Meet Cassandra Coleman

Cassandra, tell us about yourself. I am 28 and live in Exeter Borough. I was born in Kingston and resided for a short time in South Wilkes-Barre before moving to Exeter. My mother and stepfather, Barbara and Carlos Velazquez, live in Exeter and my father (read more)

Listen, please

As the youngest of three children, I heard all the stories, good and not so good, about my siblings. The one that remains prevalent is this: when they were young, possibly 3 to 6 years old, they were with my mom in a department store. The elevator doors w (read more)

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True facts about Labor Day

By Jennifer Butler Labor Day is not just another day off. The day holds meaning for everyone who has held a job and has contributed to the economic status of the U.S. As the U.S. observes Labor Day, the first Monday in September, the origins of the holida (read more)

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Nostalgic vacation in NEPA

In the Endless Mountains region of Sullivan County, in NEPA, visitors were gathered on the porch of the Shops at Eagles Mere to avoid a passing rain storm on a Saturday afternoon in July. But despite the dark silver sky and the falling rain, all were thri (read more)

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Teaching kids how money works

Financial literacy explains how people understand the function of money: how it’s earned, managed and invested. Understanding money is important when children go to college and venture out into the workforce. Knowing how to manage their earnings will help (read more)

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Summer's Last Hurrah: Vaca in NEPA

Asummer winds down and the children are clamoring for a last vacation before back-to-school time, consider all the exciting experiences NEPA has to offer for everyone in the family. Ages 4 and older: Want to have a great family vacation right around the c (read more)

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Hiking with the tykes

For those who love to spend time in the great outdoors, there is no better stop than Ricketts Glen State Park. With more than 13,000 acres saddled on the borders of Luzerne, Sullivan and Columbia counties, it will get everyone of all ages out to enjoy nat (read more)

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Spur kids interest in the arts

The arts — including literature, music, dance and theatre, baking, photography and cinematography and drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpting — can enrich the lives of people young and old. The arts can introduce adults and children to different culture (read more)

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How to create a study area at home

A student’s academic performance is influenced by a host of factors, including the learning environment both inside the classroom and at home. While students may have only limited control over the environment in their classrooms, they and their parents ca (read more)

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Fathers Shape their children's lives

Fathers, whether they realize it or not, are very important in shaping who their child becomes. With Father’s Day approaching, Patricia Kameen Striefsky reflected on her love for her father, John P. Kameen, and gratitude for all he has done for her. “Bein (read more)

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History of Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, is Father’s Day. While the amount spent on Father’s Day is several million less than that spent on Mother’s Day, the importance of the holiday has grown tremendously. The beginnings of the holiday in the United States trace back to July 5 (read more)

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It's never too early to start teaching water safety

With summer upon us and the warmer weather here for the next few months, swimming pools and water sports will become part of our weekly routine. However, not knowing how to swim can be deadly. “The more knowledge about aquatic safety and the more skills s (read more)

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Today's Grandparent: Need Exercise? Be a Grandparent?

Need exercise? No need to run a marathon or sign up with a gym. Just become a grandparent! My wife and I had just returned from Italy. We had one day to recover from the six-hour time difference and 10-hour flight when we welcomed our 9-month-old grandson (read more)

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Family Times Cal

Summer Camp Open House featuring The Wizard of Oz, June 18, 11 a.m. The classic film will be screened for free in Shopland Hall. Also find information on SCC’s 2016 Summer Camp Program, which culminates in a stage production of the musical. Scranton Cultu (read more)

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Fireworks and Fairs

Bring It Back to the Heartland: Made in America Family Festival, June 18, 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. Featuring Stephanie Urbina Jones with onsite vendors selling American-made products. Also find a beer and wine tasting, face painting, pinatas and popcorn for the (read more)

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Who wants ice cream?

One of the best things about summer is what’s in the freezer. And regardless of personal preference as to flavor, topping or form (soft serve, hard or milkshake), just about everyone can find common ground in ice cream. Sean and Heidi Gowden of Moosic hav (read more)

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Meet Kathleen Iezzi Walsh, M.D.

Tell us about your family. My husband, Paul Walsh Jr., is a utility worker in the regulation department at Pennsylvania American Water Co. We have a son, Matthew, who is 20 and a daughter, Mara, 18. My children are my world along with my husband. I have a (read more)

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Meet Kerri Ruddy Archer

Kerri Ruddy-Archer, 38, is an artist and an award-winning athlete. She is also the mother of three children under 4. She works as an art teacher at Scranton High School and assistant varsity coach for its track and field team. She co-owns a Scranton bar with her husband and another couple. Her responsibilities are over the moon, but she manages them with aplomb. Family Times had a conversation with Kerri about her life, her family, her sport, her bar and how she manages everything so fluidly. (read more)

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What Memorial Day Means to the Veterans

While many people will spend the day at a barbecue or relaxing at a day off of work, John Matusek will think about those who served. For Matusek, who will turn 97 on May 7 (the day in 1945 that Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces), Memorial Day is mo (read more)

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Graduation: What's Next?

As graduation season nears and the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” fill high school football stadiums and auditoriums around the region, it’s time for the next step. For many parents and students, it can be a trying time full of heartache and joy. “It i (read more)

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I'm Bored: Rainy Day Tips To Keep the Kids Entertained

Children wait all year long for school to let out and summer to begin. Parents though sometimes struggle to keep their little ones entertained throughout the summer months, especially on gloomy, rainy days. There are great ways to have fun that don’t incl (read more)

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It's Mother's Day

More calls are made on Mother’s Day then any other day of the year. ( Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that mom was very important in their lives and celebrated mothers during festivals in honor of their mother goddesse (read more)

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